Under Armour Curry Two
"Northern Lights"

Dec 07, 2015 23:56
Posted By Bounce

今年 NBA 2015-16 球季的 All-Star Game 首度移師至美國境外的多倫多暴龍主場開戰, Under Armour 順應再推出以北國加拿大聞名於世的 "Northern Lights" 美景作為設計主題啟發的 Curry Two 新色款,象徵如今聯盟當紅炸子雞 Stephen Curry 在場上遠投近切的神奇表現就好比「北極光」一般,讓觀者無不為之深深吸引、進而感到欽慕讚嘆。

"You can't look at the Northern Lights and not be amazed, just like Stephen's game."

Date:Dec. 17, 2015
Price:$ 5280 TWD

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